Bridge Solver Chrome Extension Release Notes :

v1.30 - 4th Oct 2022

1. Updated to use latest version of chrome extension APIs (Manifest V3)

v1.27 - 6th June 2022

1. Added the capability to capture boards from the frequency pages on

v1.26 - 3rd January 2021

1. The chrome extension can now capture boards from results pages on the RealBridge online play platform. Note that the BSOL chrome extension now uses dynamic permissioning for newly supported sites. This means that, when you are on the RealBridge site, the chrome extension spade icon will be greyed out until you click on it and grant permission to access the RealBridge site.

25th April 2020

1. I am grateful to John Lambe, who has designed and implemented a menu for the extension, which allows the user to specify whether invocations of Bridge Solver (BSOL) should be opened as new tabs in a separate window, or new tabs in the current window. This enables the BSOL window to be located side by side with the page that was on display when BSOL was invoked. This is particularly useful when logged in to a live BBO session.

To access the new functionality do a right click on the Bridge Solver Extension icon (a small spade symbol to the right of the url bar). You will initially see the option to "Create Tabs In New Window". If you select this option, subsequent invocations of BSOL will appear as new tabs in a single separate window. It is possible to resize and reposition this window and then use the "Save Window Position" menu option so that, if the window is closed, subsequent invocations of BSOL will open the window in the saved position. To revert to creating BSOL tabs in the current window select "Revert to Current Window" from the menu. Note that if you have already selected "Create Tabs In New Window" and then subsequently select it again, without first reverting, subsquent invocations of BSOL will appear as tabs in another new window.

2. Invoking BSOL by clicking on a pbn download link in Bridge Club Live now works.

9th April 2020

1. When displaying a board from a LIN file, Bridge Solver Online now shows the actual number of tricks made in the contract. For example, if the contract was 3S by S making 10 tricks, the button underneath the bidding panel in the board display will show "Play: 3S+1 by S", rather than "Play: 3S by S".

30th March 2020

1. The chrome extension can now capture boards from an active logged in BBO session and calculate makeable contracts and optimum contracts/scores. This will work on boards displayed in the viewer opened from the history tab, or from a board currently being played (if you are kibitzing).

If a board is on display in both viewers then each will be opened in a separate Bridge Solver tab. You need to select "Show Played Cards" in the viewer menu to be able to capture a hand that is currently being played, and at present you have to select "Hand Diagrams" in the viewer rather than "Pictures Of Cards" for the chrome extension to be be able to recognise the hands.

2. If you perform a search for previously displayed hand records to generate a list of boards, then click on the green Bridge Solver extension icon, Bridge Solver will now generate and display a single LIN file containing all the boards from that screen. A copy of the LIN file is also downloaded to the browser's Downloads folder. best regards,